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Call for Proposals

Please use the form below to submit your proposal. Please note the following definitions.

Workshop: Workshops should offer practical skills for practitioners and/or an examination of theoretical concepts in a particular subject area. Workshops will be 2 or 3 hours in duration.

Poster: Poster presentations allow presenters to share new research findings on eating disorders and approaches to treatment. This may include research studies (exploratory studies, single subject or group case studies, or randomized controlled studies), reviews of current research and/or discussions of theoretical issues in the field visually on poster board. If accepted, authors are expected to present their findings and answer attendee questions during the Poster Session on Saturday evening and will feature the work of both senior and junior investigators. Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. The first annual David H. Barlow Poster Award for Research Excellence will be presented to the early career professional with the most outstanding poster submission to the 2018 Renfrew Foundation Conference. This award will be given to a graduate student or a professional within 3 years of receiving their degree whose conference poster describes work that will have the strongest impact on understanding, treating, and/or preventing eating disorders.

Beginner: Participants will be able to fully comprehend and/or appreciate. Presentations will discuss concepts that are considered basic skills/knowledge for those working in the field of eating disorders.
Intermediate: Appropriate for participants with an advanced graduate degree in behavioral/nutritional health since they may address concepts that require additional knowledge, workplace/internship experience or a special skill.
Advanced: Requires the knowledge of participants with advanced degrees in behavioral/nutritional health and with both general and specialized work experience in the particular area/topic to be discussed.

Call for Proposals Submission Form
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